About Advancing Net Zero

What is net zero carbon?

  • A net zero carbon building is highly energy efficient with all remaining energy from on-site/or off-site renewable sources.
  • A net zero embodied carbon building (new or renovated) is highly resource efficient with upfront carbon minimised to the greatest extent possible and all remaining embodied carbon reduced or, as a last resort, offset in order to achieve net zero across the lifecycle.

What is the initiative of Advancing Net Zero (ANZ)?

  • “Advancing Net Zero” (ANZ) is WorldGBC’s global project which aims to promote and support the acceleration of net zero carbon buildings to 100% by 2050. Under this project, WorldGBC calls for business, organisations, cities, states and regions to reach net zero operating emissions in their portfolios by 2030 and for all buildings to be net zero in operation by 2050.
  • • In a more recent “Bringing Embodied Carbon Upfront” report, WorldGBC also calls for at least 40% less embodied carbon for new buildings, infrastructure and renovations by 2030 and to advocate for net zero operational and embodied carbon by 2050.

About The Competition

Which two sites are chosen for this Competition?

  • The Competition comprises two categories: (1) Future Building category (notional Grade-A office tower site in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong); and (2) Existing Building category (Oxford House in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong).

Any age and location restrictions? Any target organisations?

  • No restriction on age and the origin of teams.
  • The Competition is open internationally to multi-disciplinary organisation-based teams. A Submission made by an Entrant to the Competition can be a collaborative effort representing the work of a team of individuals from one or more organisations. Team members can be based locally and internationally, but the registrant on the registration form must be a registered local organisation in Hong Kong.
  • Multi-disciplinary teams are encouraged which shall include (but not limited to) architects, designers, engineers, product and/or technology innovators, academics, etc.

How to register?

  • To register for the Competition, each Entrant must create a user account on the Competition website (https://anzideassubmission.hkgbc.org.hk). Entrants must complete the online registration form. After processing, a confirmation email containing a Unique Registration Number and an activation link will be sent to the email address listed on the registration form for successful registrations.
  • Submissions to the Competition can be uploaded to the Competition website only if Entrants are officially registered through the Competition website and in possession of a Unique Registration Number.
  • No submission fee is required.

What are the criteria of disqualification?

A submission may be disqualified from the Competition if:

  • An Entrant discloses its identity;
  • It is received after the deadline;
  • An Entrant contacts any Jury Panel members about their submission or improperly attempts to influence the decision;
  • In the opinion of the Jury Panel, it does not fulfil the requirements of the Competition Brief;
  • Any of the mandatory requirements of the Competition Brief and General Terms and Conditions are disregarded;
  • Entrants disregard submission requirements and instructions.